Introductory Course in Calculus (TATA79)

Autumn Semester 2018

This is the website for the course Introductory Course in Calculus (TATA79). This page contains useful information and handouts.

Course material

I will make available here some of the material given out in lectures and tutorials, plus other useful information. Individualised material can be downloaded via the link in the next section.

Individualised Course Material

Lecture notes, exercises, solutions and a cover sheet for hand-in exercises can be downloaded via the link below. The required passwords are emailed to students before the start of the course. If the course has already started and you have not received an email, you must contact the examiner


Any corrections (found after 28th October) will be published here.

How to revise for exams

The aim of an exam is to give students the opportunity to show the lecturer they have understood the material covered in the course. Therefore the easiest way for a student to be successful is for them to master the material. In most cases it is more effective to genuinely learn and understand than to attempt to learn by rote.

Below is a link to past papers, but as they predate the change of lecturer they are of limited use. It is perhaps more useful to study the lecture notes and practice the exercises handed out during the course. They are written by the same lecturer as the exams. With this in mind, use the following link with caution!

On the other hand, the following exams are of the same style as the upcoming ones.

Here are some tips on how to study.

Want to find out when you exam or midterm will take place?

By searching here you can find the place and time of all university exams and midterms.

Are you retaking the course having passed some of the hand-in exercises earlier?

Students who did not pass all of the hand-in exercises from a previous year are given the opportunity to retake them togther with this year's students. Those retaking the hand-in exercises must follow the same deadlines as all the other students (see the Course Document for the exact dates). If you have passed a whole set of hand-in exercises you do not need to repeat them. Before 2017 a whole set was either 1a and 1b, or 2a and 2b. From 2017 onwards a whole set is either modules A-D or modules F-G. If you took part in tutorials in a previous year, you do not need to take part in the group work this year. In order to retake you must:

It is possible to hand in solutions via the pigeonholes in MAI's corridor i B-Building. Once the examiner has created your individualised exercises, you can download them together with a cover sheet here by using the passwords you receive via email. The cover sheet must be used when handing in solutions. (NB: The cover sheet is double-sided!) Hand-in dates and other information regarding hand-in exercises can be found in the Course Document. To be sure results from hand-in exercises are correctly registered at the end of the course, email the examiner if you only partially completed the hand-in exercises earlier and your results do not appear in the system 15 working days after midterm 2.

David Rule
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